BELLEVUE STEELERS     Bellevue Middle School; 655 Colice Jeanne Rd.   Nashville

Visitors are to park only in the parking lots on either side of Bellevue Middle School - NO PARKING ON THE GRASS violators may be ticketed or towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Alternative Site: Nashville Christian School   7555 Sawyer Brown Road   Nashville


BORDEAUX EAGLES  Metro Center, Ted Rhodes Field   720 Mainstream Dr.   Nashville

There is limited bleachers available, so visitors may want to provide portable seats or  lawn chairs


CLARKSVILLE GREYHOUNDS     Northeast High School   3701 Trenton Rd  Clarksville


DONELSON-HERMITAGE WARRIORS     Ben West Sports Complex  323 Stewarts Ferry Pk 



EAST SIDE BOBCATS     Magness Potter Center, Salvation Army,  611 Stockell Rd.  Nashville


GALLATIN GREEN WAVE     Triple Creek Park,  1300 Touchdown Ln.  Gallatin

Park only in designated lined parking slots; DO NOT PARK on any grass area or medians; tickets will be issued

by the Gallatin Police Dept.


GOODLETTSVILLE TROJANS     Moss-Wright Park; 705 Caldwell Ln Goodlettsville   phone is 566-9038

This is a one way in and one way out. Please follow the signs!


HENDERSONVILLE KNIGHTS    Pope John Paul II High School   117 Caldwell Ln   Hendersonville


LAW OUTLAWS  Jere Baxter Middle School,  350 Hart Ln  Nashville, TN


LEBANON BLUE DEVILS     Walter J. Baird Middle School   131 J.B. Pride Ln  Lebanon

Alternative SiteLebanon High School, 500 Blue Devil Ln  Lebanon 


Mt. JULIET BEARS   Mundy Memorial Park   300 Mundy Memorial Blvd.  Mt. Juliet  

Watch your speed on Belinda Pkwy!! It changes from 45 to 30 and Mt. Juliet police patrol the area regularly!!  Overflow parking is available at the warehouse lot just before you enter the park

Alternative Site  Mt. Juliet Middle School   3565 N Mt Juliet Rd, Mt Juliet, TN


NCS COBRAS     Whites Creek High School     7277 Old Hickory Blvd  Nashville


OLD HICKORY BULLDOGS     DuPont Middle School; 1901 Old Hickory Blvd, Old Hickory, TN


SHELBYVILLE EAGLES     Shelbyville Central High School; 400 Eagle Blvd. Shelbyville


SMYRNA BULLDOGS     Lee Victory Recreation Park; 110 Sam Ridley Pkwy Smyrna 

Park only in designated lined parking spaces. DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS!   Tickets will be issued by the Smyrna Police Dept.


WAVERLY-BELMONT BULLDOGS - Tennessee Preparatory School  1200 Foster Avenue  Nashville

Alternative Site Cameron Middle School, 1034 1st Ave So.  Nashville















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